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Woman who didn’t know she was pregnant gave birth alone in the shower

woman gives birth in the shower alone without knowing she was pregnant

A woman received the shock of her life when she gave birth alone in the shower despite the fact that she had no idea she was pregnant.

Dimitty Bonnet, 28, was already a mother of two and had given up hope of having another child

when she felt the sudden urge to push while in the shower, catching the baby’s head between her legs.

Dimitty and her husband, Jason, 42, who have two children, Nate and Darci believed their family was complete and had stopped trying to have more children.

Dimitty had been having regular periods and had even taken a negative pregnancy test a few weeks before the birth on February 26, 2022, at 1.30 a.m.

Her husband was sleeping at the time, and when she yelled for help,

he dashed into the bathroom to find his wife covered in blood and holding a baby.

She had no idea anything was wrong until the evening before she gave birth, when she began to feel ‘a little off.’

Dimitty, an admin manager, from New South Wales, Australia, says: “My weight has fluctuated my whole life,

so I didn’t think anything of it when I put on a few pounds”.

“I assumed it was just a bit of lockdown weight, and it was nothing too noticeable”.

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“I’d flown on a plane a month before, and even had an x-ray after a rugby injury six weeks before I gave birth.”

“There was no part of me that thought I could be expecting – to be sure I even took a test a month before giving birth and it came back negative.”

“The evening before he was born, I just felt a bit yuck. My stomach felt a bit off, so I put the kids to bed and got an early night myself.”

“I woke up around 1am, and felt so uncomfortable. It was like I really needed the toilet, but I wasn’t able to go.”

“The pain started to get worse, so I decided to have a shower to make myself feel better.”

“I didn’t want to wake my husband, so I kept the light off and showered in the dark.”

“I felt a sudden urge to push, and the next thing I knew, I was holding a baby’s head.”

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Dimitty managed to sit down on the floor in the dark in a state of shock and confusion,

and her baby was born in the early hours after a final push.

Jason, her husband, rushed into the bathroom and was astounded to find his wife cradling their newborn son.

The terrified couple called an ambulance, which arrived just in time to assist Dimitty in delivering the placenta.

After paramedics cut the cord and checked on mum and baby, they transported the family to Campbelltown Hospital in New South Wales,

where they were monitored for 24 hours.

Dimitty and Jason named their surprise baby boy, Harvey Eric Barry Timmins, and he weighed 6lbs 8oz.

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