A residential building collapsed in Western India, have claimed the lives of two people with 16 others missing today the Police report says.

The five-story building which is located in Maharashtra state’s Raigad district houses several families.

Shashikiran Kashid, a  Police officer stated that two people died in the accident and the seven injured people were rescued by the National Disaster Response.

With more than 70 people initially trapped, but Anil Paraskar, , Raigad Police Chief, said about 60 inhabitants managed to flee just as they felt the tremors when the building began to crumble.

Meanwhile, The officials denied media reports that they were rescued, the Police revised the figures of 22 injured it released on Monday night.

Police suspect the building had structural defects, However, a criminal case was filed against the builder.

Narendra Modi, the Indian Prime Minister expressed grief about the terrible accident and instructed local authorities to provide all possible assistance to those affected.