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Tips To Giving Your Partner The Perfect Love Experience This Valentine

tips to giving your partner the perfect love experience this summer

What comes to your mind first when you hear Valentine? Wine? Flowers? Candle-lit dinner? Chocolates? Hot sexy night?

Well, whatever you think of Valentine’s day, there’s no denying that planning the perfect day can be quite stressful.

The endless thinking of the perfect words to use in the ‘wake-up text’,

That nervous-excited feeling in anticipation of your partner’s reaction to the surprise gift you’ve prepared for them.

gift exchange
gift exchange

Even society’s unsolicited pressure of unrealistic standards that comes with the day.

You must say, it is indeed a stressful ordeal.

Regardless of these shenanigans, all that matters is you and your partner! You need to rock out the noise of the outside world completely, and focus squarely on your partner.

Giving your partner the perfect love experience can be quiet overwhelming, especially, when you want everything to align perfectly.

However, you need to remember that what melts partner’s heart first is the thought. The thought counts first! Then, the special gift just seals the deal.

you and your partner are the focus
you and your partner are the focus

It is important that your gift should have a very special meaning, it doesn’t have to be so extravagant… what usually matters more is the meaning behind the gift. Be very intentional about it.

Try getting your partner an item he/she has been talking non-stop about or take them to a place they have been itching to go, or you can even go diy! You know your partner better than anyone!

Then there’s always the plain ol’ romantic dinner, lunch or even breakfast. Whatever you plan to do, remember that you’re not in competition with anybody. It could be a little thing or a big one, the emphasis is on reaching your partner’s heart.

the perfect dinner
the perfect dinner

Who even said it has to be a gift, it could be an activity you both enjoy. Again the focus is on you and your partner, no one else.

Lastly, remember this is a special valentine because you’re spending it together. Have fun love birds!

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