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Tiger Woods Comes Back in Grand Style As He wins His First Masters Since 2005


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Apr 15, 2019

It may not have been over for Tiger Woods yet, He just won the 2019 Masters ending a 14-year drought for that tournament.

Tiger’s win marks the fifth time he’s won the Masters in his professional career — just one big win away from tying golf legend Jack Nicklaus, who’s got 6 Masters under his belt. Sunday’s back 9 were so captivating, in fact, that it captured the attention of President Trump … who told folks to tune in.

It’s been quite a journey back to the top of the golf for Tiger. He won the PGA Tour Championship last September and has been perfecting his game ever since.

As you might know, Tiger suffered a big dip professionally after his sex scandal blew up in the late 2000s and a drug scandal in 2017

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