• Tue. Oct 4th, 2022

“Stop Borrowing, Restructure Nigeria” Cleric Tells President Buhari

stop borrowing, restructure nigeria

Dr. Dele Oluwatade, a clergyman, asked President Muhammadu Buhari, yesterday to consider restructuring the country

and cease borrowing from China, arguing that a restructured Nigeria will

be able to withstand the country’s debt burden and economic difficulties.

Oluwatade, a medical practitioner and

the President of the City Gate Elders Parliament, expressed alarm to

reporters in Benin City about recent developments in the country,

which he blamed on weak leadership.

More so, Oluwatade voiced alarm about the country’s crimes, such as nepotism,

racial discrimination, widespread murder, rape, kidnapping, and banditry,

and asked for prompt action to address them for Nigerians’ safety and security.

“This is a generational load you have placed on Nigerians,

” Oluwatade said of the tremendous debt burden imposed by the country’s

borrowing from foreign countries, particularly China.

My message is to assist you in regaining your reputation and bringing

something positive out of His Excellency,

that your forefathers would be proud of, and that all Nigerians would

forgive and adore you for.

“Get rid of the headache of having to borrow money to pay your bills.”

Nigeria will and can survive the debt burden if it is reformed.

“This press conference has been convened to assist you in sharing the

burden of governance so that Nigeria can remain united,

” Oluwatade added.

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