• Sun. Oct 2nd, 2022

Social media is just the actual worst” – Sharon Ooja reveals why she won’t post her man on social media.

sharon ooja reveals why she won't post her man on social media

Sharon ooja, a popular Nollywood actress, has taken to social media to reveal that she does not publish her men on social media except her husband.

According to the actress, the Kanye West and Kim Kardashian saga has put things into perspective for her and

taught her that social media can ruin a lot of things.

She believes that people should do their own thing and not chase clout to impress others,

citing Beyoncé and Jay-Z as examples of couples who keep their private lives private and away from social media.

She wrote:

“After seeing Kanye west and kims drama | sincerely now understand why jay-z and Beyoncé keep everything about themselves of social media…

like my goodness!!!! lv never been a fan of social media PDA iv always believed that if you are that happy you

Don’t need to prove a point to the world … do you in peace and be happy genuinely …

because the same people who hail you for doing the most will be the first to throw stones once it crashes …

what people don’t know they can’t hate on…. And this Kim

And Kanye a saga just proved all of this!!! Sigh so damn messy…. Social media is just the actual worst. If not for my work

| know for a fact I’d have been one of the people who won’t be on social media .. respectfully…. You don’t know who is real and

Who is clout chasing…. Even a whole Kanye west….. this saga will put him in trouble… sigh

Facts remain for me no matter how excited I am I’m not publicising my man!! Nope! Except my husband . “

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