• Sat. Mar 25th, 2023

Russia-Ukraine War: Russian soldiers seen heading home ‘on foot’ as troops abandon Putin’s invasion.

Russian soldiers seen heading home on foot

Russian troops are allegedly abandoning Vladimir Putin’s invasion

of Ukraine as there are claims that Russian soldiers have been seen going back to home on foot.

Since Vladimir Putin launched a full-scale invasion on Ukraine last week despite threats of sanctions from the West,

his  Putin’s attempts to capture the country have failed so far. And now according to a US official, some Russian units

have surrendered without a fight due to concerns that they are running out of food.

A Journalist, Paul Mason shared a video on Twitter inferring that Putin’s failure

to capture Ukraine has resulted in “mass desertion” of Russian troops.

He said: “The third big thing is mass desertions. We are seeing evidence now, not simply individual desertions or giving up fighting by Russian soldiers, there is at least one example of an entire unit leaving its vehicles and marching off”.

“In one case into captivity and another, it appears, back to Russia on foot.”

In support of the claims, Reuters reported a US official as saying “some Russian units appear to be surrendering without a fight”.

Could this be a turning point in the Russia- Ukraine War? Are the Russian troops rebelling against Putin because they no longer believe in his mission? is there hope after all? You’re welcome to share your opinion in the comment session.


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