As the novel Coronavirus raged across the world early this year, many theories began to surface as to its source, nature, probable cure, and most importantly an end to the disease. First was an array of Hollywood Movies purported to have predicted the coming of the virus. Then, some claimed a novel had done just the same. However, none of these movies or novels identified the coronavirus by name, but here comes an update.

Meet the Nigerian pastor who prophesied the coming of the virus. In a 19minute documentary posted on YouTube, 

Dr. Isaiah Wealth, Snr. The pastor of Gospel Pillars International Church recently put together a timeline of prophecies ranging back from September 2019 to March 2020 which addresses the coming of the virus and its rollback with specific dates which have since played out as he said.

In recent times, many Nigerian pastors have come under fire especially on Social Media for their supposed prophecies about national and international issues. One would remember that sometimes in March, a video of Nigerian Prophet T.B. Joshua Click the link for details

had surfaced on the internet where he claimed that the Coronavirus would disappear by March 27th. Since that time, many Nigerians have taken to Social Media to berate prophecies given by other pastors and questioned the integrity of such ministers.

With the release of this latest documentary, one can only wait to see how Nigerians would react to this prophecy confirmation by Dr. Isaiah Wealth. Watch your Twitter space!