• Fri. Oct 7th, 2022

Panic As Long Queues Resurface At Filling Stations Across Lagos And Abuja

fuel scarcity queues

Nigerians have complained about the re-emergence of long queues at filling stations and the country’s fuel scarcity.

Long queues at filling stations in Abuja and Lagos have recently resurfaced, according to sources.

While the cause of the scarcity is unknown, many Nigerians have been left stranded at bus stops,

while others have complained about increases in transportation fares.

Some people have taken to social media to express their dissatisfaction with the situation, as well as the lack of consistent electricity.

@Abrahamgreat: “To be experiencing fuel scarcity in one of the largest OPEC countries is one more proof that current Nigeria is not designed for the citizens but for a sect of men who lack empathy, vision and strategy to transform anything. There is HOPE. This country shall be BUILT.”

@Austein: “Fuel scarcity+hike in transport fare. CMS ₦300 is now ₦400 cos of fuel scarcity. I’m tired of this country.”

@DemolaRewaju: “Lagosians are too smart for our own good, everybody wanting to be sharper than the next person. This fuel scarcity is artificial as far as I’m concerned – filling stations deliberately restricting sales to few pumps and buyers purchasing excess for storage…no sense in this.”


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