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Feb 10, 2020

It is no news that a lot of Nigerian movies are centred around money rituals especially those made from the eastern part of the country. Even though it always depicts a sad ending of those who engage in money rituals,  fomer Gov. Of Lagos state, now Minister of Power, works and housing has asked movie makers to stop creating such movies because according to him, money rituals is a myth.

The minister , who was the guest speaker at the fourth annual public lecture/symposium organised by the United Action for Change, themed, ‘Security of citizens as a social contract’, said that belief system, reinforced through Nollywood movies, could be fuelling kidnapping, given the number of persons the police have arrested with human skull and other body parts, with the motive of money ritual.

He went ahead to say that money is paper invented by man not God so supernatural force can not  be behind turning a human head into man made paper  “it is not logical” He said.

He also faulted the fears that ravaged  the populace last year when there were reports that internet frausters populary called yahoo boys were stealing women’s underwears to make money asking if anyone had seen cotton money before.

He urged those in authority to caution the kind of messages been passed across about money rituals especially through Nollywood movies.

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