Governor Darius Ishaku of Taraba State who had a chat with journalists shortly after he inaugurated the distribution of fertilizers, seedlings and agro-chemicals for Taraba farmers for the 2019 farming season, stated that any Nigerian Governor saying he can tackle insecurity is lying.

Governor Darius Ishaku who gave his reason for saying any Governor saying he can tackle insecurity is lying, stated that only state policing could adequately address the resurgence of insecurity in the country.

“If any governor tells you that he can do something regarding insecurity, such a governor is lying. As governors we do not have management authority over the police or the military and there’s nothing we can do about security. We have been clamoring for the institution of state police, but nobody seems to consider our position. State policing remains the only viable option to contain insecurity across the country now.

“The constitution doesn’t place the protection design of the country within the hands of governors. I am praying myself for peace and i have likewise asked the individuals of the state to hope for peace within the state,” he said.