Today all over major area in Lagos, citizens have been seen flouting social distancing rules as well as the wearing of face masks. The President a week ago had announced the easing of the lock down as well as a 6am to 8pm curfew.

Contrary to the social distancing rule, a lot of people especially in Lagos are seen clustered up in bank atm queues, bustops, and in vehicles.

Some Nigerians took to social media to share their experiences asking the president to reconsider the easing of the lockdown.

According to reports it is expected that there will be a second wave of the coronavirus pandemic if measures are not put in place to curtail the spread.



@DrZoboToday is not a good day to go to the bank.
Take it from me. Also, please team #MaskUpLagos.
It’s a Nose/Face mask. Not JAW MASK.
Not Mouth mask.
Not Neck mask.
It should cover your Nose and Mouth.
It’s not for fashion.
It is for Protection!

Be guided🙏🏽.

@Deeva4dlord I was scared this will happen, now looking at the pictures coming in & watching the videos coming, I fear for Lagos,I can only the government know what they are doing cos this spells doom!

@samueloloyede No Social distancing🙆, I pity Lagosians.
The government are playing us by easing the lockdown when they know the virus is still heating up.
We need to be careful out there, let’s make use of our Face masks.
May God help us all 🙏

.@thejaniy91Social distancing indeed
More Isolation center should be the next thing after today’s party 🎉

@luthurapollos The crowd i saw today at Access bank admiralty road lekki sent a clear message that we still have a long to. #MaskUpLagos

@uduehekereWhen the government couldn’t supply relief food stuff with all that money they donated. People are hungry, what do we expect? Apart from banks shaking living citizens trying to get their money out #covid19 #MaskUpLagos