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“My phone saved me”- Lady from collapsed lagos building recounts.


Bynews naija

Mar 14, 2019

lady who’s was rescued from the rubbles recounts her experience with news naija.

” My name is titilayo on the day of the incident I strolled to the building where the primary school was to charge my phone, when suddenly i heard something like a bomb go off.

“Immediately some things like stones hit me on the head and it was as if my chest was going to burst. I called and cried out only to realise that the building I was in had collapsed”.

“I have been using my friend’s charger who has been mocking me to buy a new and original charger which would not cost me up to 3,000 Naira but I was reluctant. I am thankful that I am alive I would have died from carelessness, God spared me and I am grateful. I feel so lucky and sad for the little ones that died. I even know some of them because I go there a lot to charge my phone. Although through the phone I was able to tell rescuers my exact location. Hmmmm I just want to thank God” she said.

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