The police in Abuja have captured a 27-year-old man, Michael Obi-Ude, who supposedly welcomed his gangsters to rob his neighbor of a huge amount of cash.

Obi-Ude and his gang members were caught on September 25, 2020, during the theft activity at the Gwagwa zone of the Federal Capital territory.

According to the suspect, he said he discovered that his neighbor for the most part gets back home with immense measures of cash and that he arranged the burglary with his companions.

Obi-Ude was paraded on Thursday by the federal capital territory  Police Order close by his assistants, Chima Ezenwa, 23; and Daniel Godwin, 28. The fourth suspect is supposed to be on the loose.

Obi-Ude clarified that he enrolled three others to do the robbery, however, included that he didn’t take part in the activity.

Obi-Ude said“ We were arrested for attempted robbery. I invited them to carry out the robbery, but I didn’t go with them, because the neighbors would recognize me. The police caught Ezenwa and he identified me,”

Gotten some information about the casualty’s monetary status, he stated, “My neighbor’s more youthful sister told my companion that her sister, as a rule, returns home with tremendous totals of cash. Thus, my companion educated me and we chose to do the activity.”

Ezenwa uncovered that he was gotten when he pointed a weapon at a man in the casualty’s compound, while others fled the scene.

Asked how he knew about the victim’s financial status, he said, “My neighbor’s younger sister told my friend that her sister usually comes home with huge sums of money. So, my friend informed me and we decided to carry out the operation.”

Sunday Babaji, The Delegate Chief of Police, Activities, said one privately made pistol and one round of live ammo were recuperated from the group.

The DCP said an aggregate of 19 suspects, including ruffians, were captured, including that four Dane weapons, five privately made guns, three privately manufactured guns, one short firearm, and 28 bits of ammo were recuperated from them.

The exhibits also include four phones, two cars, one motorcycle, and substances suspected to be Indian hemp.