A lawyer, William Abayomi, who was accused of kidnap by one Miss Victoria Linus in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, has said that his accuser staged her own abduction.

The lawyer claimed that Linus faked the kidnap to avoid paying him the money he lent her.

Linus on Monday accused the Rivers State Police Command of compromise after the lawyer, whom she claimed masterminded her kidnap, was released on bail.

But speaking on a radio station, Nigeria Info, Port Harcourt, on Tuesday, the lawyer said he petitioned the divisional police headquarters when he found out that she was unwilling to pay him the money.

In his statement, he said “  furiously I will say that Victoria Linus stage-managed her kidnap simply because I asked for my money.

Abayomi said “She said that if I wanted her to withdraw this matter, I should forget about the money that she owed me and I should also give her one plot of my land. I will never give her my land and she must pay me my money,”.

The Lawyer, however, admitted that he was detained by the police, adding that he was released by the Deputy Commissioner of Police in charge of the State Criminal and Investigation Department.

He said “At what point did I become a kidnapper, because I recorded all the conversation I had with her?

“When I visited her, she told me that she went to give the kidnappers N2m. That was when I concluded that she did this arrangement.

“I want the public to disregard whatever Victoria Linus is saying and compel her to tell people the truth and pay me my money,” he added.

However,  Linus has denied the allegations, saying the police had visited the scene of the kidnap.