• Thu. Oct 6th, 2022

Emirates Airlines willing to partner with Nigeria to establish national carrier

Emirates-Airlines to partner with nigeria

Emirates Airlines has offered to collaborate with Nigeria in its efforts to establish a national carrier.

Mr James Odaudu, Special Assistant to Sen. Hadi Sirika, Minister of Aviation,

stated in Abuja on Monday that the offer was made by Mr Tim Clark,

President of Emirates Airlines, during a panel discussion at Dubai Expo 2020.

At the Dubai Expo 2020, a panel discussion was held to discuss the future of aviation.

Clark stated that Emirates Airlines would be happy to assist in the establishment of Nigeria’s national carrier if such assistance was requested.

Futhermore, he said that such assistance would elicit clarification requests, primarily from Nigerian media and industry stakeholders.

Clark spoke in support of Sirika’s position that Nigeria had a compelling need to establish a national carrier, going by certain indices.

“Of course, Nigeria needs a national airline. There is an enormous business case for the national carrier.

Nigerians are seeking to travel all over the world. Nigeria is a powerhouse in Africa.

“We are very interested in flying there because it is a rich nation in terms of demand for services,’’ Clark said.

Sirika stated during the session that Emirates Airlines’ offer could not be anything other than an endorsement of the need,

zeal, and process for the national carrier project.

He stated therefore that Emirates Airlines’ decision was also an expression of the international aviation community’s confidence in Nigeria’s

commitment to own its own airline.

He described the offer as an encouragement to the many bidders currently preparing Public Private Partnership

bids for Nigeria Air in response to Nigeria’s Request for Proposal.

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