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Apr 29, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has affected a total of 210 countries in the world. Shutting down whole communities, nations and banning all forms of travel.

As at today a total of 3,162,438 people have tested positive to covid19. 219,287 people have died globally from the virus. And about 975, 673 people have recorverd from Covid19

Here is a break in major countries hit by the virus across the globe.


U.S.A – 1. 036,417 people have been infected 

59,284 people have died so far.

Today 18 people have died and about 652 people have been infected. 


SPAIN – 236,899 people have been infected 

24,275 people have died so far.

Today 453 people have died and 4,771 people have been infected 


ITALY – 201,505 people have been infected 

27,359 people have died so far.

Today there are no new cases or infection.


FRANCE- 165,911 people have been infected 

So far 23,660 people have died 

There are also no new infection or death as at today.


U.K- 161,145 people have been infected so far 

Total deaths so far 21,678 

There are no deaths or new cases today.


NIGERIA – 1532 people have tested positive to covid-19

Total deaths- 44

No new cases or deaths have been recorded as of now.

Russia however has recorded the highest number of infection today at 5,840 today.

These details are courtesy worldometer for 29th April 2020.




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