• Sun. Jul 3rd, 2022

China flaunts deadly hypersonic ‘Eagle Strike’ anti-ship missile in warning to US Navy

china tests deadly anti-ship missile

China has publicly demonstrated for the first time the launch of its deadly hypersonic anti-ship missile,


Experts believe the missile is aiming towards aircraft carriers as a message to the US Navy.


The missile, known as the “YJ-21” or “Eagle Strike 21,”

is capable of speeds in excess of 3,806mph and has a strike range of approximately 620 miles.

The military display comes ahead of the Chinese navy’s 73rd anniversary, which takes place this weekend.

The YJ-21 is launch from a Type 055 guide-missile destroyer, which is the largest class of guide-missile destroyer.

in the People’s Liberation Army’s (PLA) fleet, in a video clip of the apparent launch.

The Type 055 destroyer, which entered service in 2020,

is design for many missions and is equip with a variety of sensor and weapon gear.

The latter is thought to include air-defence, anti-missile, anti-ship, anti-submarine, and land-attack weapons,

with the vessel housing 112 vertical-launch missile cells, 64 in the forward section and 48 in the aft section.

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The behemoth, which is the result of 50 years of military development,

is also thought to have been designed with various stealth features.

These include a radar cross-section reduction layout

as well as a smoke stack designed to reduce the vessel’s infrared signature.

According to naval analyst Professor Jie Li of Beijing’s Naval Military Studies Research Institute,

The exhibition was suppose to deter foreign vessels, particularly those from the United States.

from intervening in the event that the People’s Republic of China attacked Taiwan.

“The ship-borne YJ-21 missile, with a range of up to 1,000 kilometers [621 miles],

is capable of hitting any vessel in an aircraft carrier strike group,” he added.

“The combination of the Type-55 and YJ-21 missiles

was design to fight America’s hegemony in the region’s maritime domain.”

The rocket demonstration comes after a four-ship US Navy carrier strike group conducted routine operations

off the Korean peninsula with Japan’s Maritime Self-Defense Force last week.

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