• Sat. Sep 24th, 2022


Wasiu Dada the husband to the blue-eyed woman has denied the allegations leveled against him by his wife Risikat.

Dada said it was because of her blue eyes that he saw, felt in love with her and married her, he noted that her actions towards him were what made him leave her to act how she wanted but never abandoned her, after leaving for her mother’s wife he said he was still sending money, clothes, and food to them.

Dada said, “ As a husband and father  I have been providing  for her and the children, even her parents know that fact yet they were not satisfied they had to post my children social media begging for alms from people just to acquire quick riches claiming I wasn’t providing for them”

However, Risikat on her part insisted that her husband left her after giving birth to a baby with the same blue eyes.

She said, “ I heard his family members telling him that they don’t the fact that the children am giving birth to also have blue eyes, it was from that day he started misbehaving, he stopped sleeping at home and stopped keeping money for upkeep”.

He further stated that his wife and their children have never been hungry at any point because he was always making sure they have food, shelter, and every other basic need, most times on his way from work he would buy them things.

Dada, however, said for his wife to turn back after all he has done for her to tell the world that he abandoned her, he was accepting it as the will of God, stating that it wasn’t possible for him to her abandoned her and their children because he loves her and the children.

He alleged that all the stories she has been spreading are all lie

Meanwhile, Risikat mother in her statement said “my son-in-law abandoned my daughter when she gave birth to their first and noticed the child had blue eyes and later came to beg when she left the house which I accepted and asked her to return to her husband’s her because I don’t encourage my children to have children in different places but it repeated after she gave birth to a set of a twin which one of them died days later that he started he usual character of not dropping money for food and other things that she pleaded with her family to return before she loses her child in the name of marriage.


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