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A 46-Year old man, identified as Patrick Markson,   is accused of killing his wife, Hannah, and then committing suicide at their home in Yenagoa’s  Etegwe region on Thursday.

NEWSNAIJA gathered that Patrick, who worked in the Yenagoa, Local Government Area, was alleged to have hit  his 35-year-old wife with a sledgehammer while she was deep sleeping in their matrimonial bed.

After that, he allegedly drank an insecticide and slept next to her. However, there was no suicide note in the room.

A family member, identified as Victor Kubor, ,  said Hannah’s husband told him he was having marital troubles a few weeks ago.

He said “I knew they were having problems, and he complained to me about some marital concerns two weeks ago,” he claimed. I promised we’d look into it and talk about it, but we never did.

“A friend called me this morning (Thursday) to say that both husband and wife were dead; Patrick had beaten the wife to death and then drunk an insecticide afterward. I’m stunned by the news; who will look after their six children? What a wonderful world!”

A, a spokeswoman for the state police command, Victor Kubor, confirmed the occurrence, adding that the bodies had been retrieved by a team of operatives.

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