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An Exposé into Tiwa Savage’ secret love life

An expose into Tiwa Savage' secret love life

Afro-beat queen, Tiwa Savage is arguably the most elusive yet controversial artist on the Nigerian

entertainment scene. And she revels in the attention her slick, yet in-your-face persona garners.

Despite the fact that Savage is the most popular artist on the Nigerian entertainment scene right now,

many people are unsure who she is currently dating or how she feels about her love life.

Dr. Sid, Don Jazzy, Tubaba, Humblesmith, Wizkid, Obama DMW, Patoranking, Flavour, and Olamide are

among the artists she has been romantically linked with. Nonetheless, she never confirmed any of them.

Even in the midst of the infamous but intriguing leaked sex video, which controversial OAP Daddy Freeze

famously described as “10 Powerful seconds,” many people linked the guy in the video to Abolo

Beckham, a Ghana-based Nigerian. However, Savage, in typical Savage fashion, has neither debunked nor confirmed it.

The truth is that, while Savage’s love life may be her best kept secret, the trajectory of her music career is

public knowledge, and the lyrics of the hits she has released one after the other reveal so much about
that secret.

Savage’s best kept secret is that she has been unlucky in love and is still looking for the proverbial Mr Right.

Not only has the ravishing beauty suffered many heartbreaks, but she has also been unlucky in finding one she can truly call her own.

The lyrics of her hit songs attest to this somber reality.

When she released her hit song, Kelekele Love, which later became part of her debut album, Once Upon a

time, in 2013, Savage burst onto the entertainment scene and etched herself in the consciousness of music fans.

The single Kelekele Love speaks volumes about Savage’s romantic struggles and her yearning for true love.

The song starts with: Only serious candidates should come and hola/You don’t impress me coz you drive a

hummer/And no secret calls I don’t need no wahala yeh/So save the drama for your baby mama.

And then the refrain: I no do kele kele love, kele kele love oooo/Ma seri beye baby ooooo.


Another hit song, “If I Start To Talk” (feat. Dr. Sid), which was

released in 2015 as part of her sophomore album, R.E.D., also reveals her pains and struggles.

My brother if I start to talk/The thing wey I don take my eye see we no go end/My brother we no go end/If I

start to count/The thing wey baba God e don do we no go end/My sister we no go end.

It was also rumoured that Savage was once in a relationship with Dr. Sid, though both artistes later denied it.

It was in that same album, which was released at the height of her marriage with her former husband Tee Billz,

before it crashed in 2016 that she also sang My Darlin : In this song one could see some sign of romantic

satisfaction, though it was short-lived: I no know where I for dey eh…

Without you, my darlin, yeah

yeah e my darlin/

my baby today eh eh eh…

my darlin my darling/Oh baby

I love you uh uh uh… my darlin, my darling/I go do anything for you… my darlin, my darling.


In 2020, Savage proved many right when she opened up, saying she would love to be in a relationship with Wizkid.

“I would really want to marry Wizkid if I had the chance to.

Wizkid is a cute and rich guy that every girl would want to marry, so there’s nothing wrong if we make a

couple,” she said in an interview.

“Wizkid and I are seriously in an open relationship and I hope we marry soon.”

That wish, however, was never realize because Savage was  uncomfortable with Wizkid’s large number of baby mamas.

Savage, the report says, favors being in a relationship with a guy she could call her own.

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