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Adamawa State Special Duties Commissioner Faruk Sanusi was summoned to the Third Superior District Court in Yola, the state capital, on suspicion of duping  Saidu Mohamed, Special Assistant Governor the sum of 2.2 million naira.

It was learned in January 2021, Sanusi, then a youth and sports commissioner, was brought to court and faced charges of scheme  to commit a crime and breach of trust in another matter.

In that case, he allegedly received 1 million naira from the Mandatory Employee Savings Office and promised to repay the money with 20% interest in December 2020, totaling 1.2 million naira.

After he defaulted in the refund of  the loan, the commissioner was sued along with two directors who were his guarantors

However, shortly before the judge’s decision, the commissioner pretended to urinate and hurriedly got into the car to escape the court; the court remanded his co-defendant.

On Tuesday, Sanussi was sent to court again in a criminal lawsuit filed by Mohammed to recover the balance of the Toyota Camry that he sold to him (Sanussi) for 2.5 million naira in September 2020, and the commissioner only this paid 230,000 naira.

Counsel for the commissioner during the court proceedings urged the court to cancel the case.

However, Judge Omar Issa prohibited the opening objection and ordered the defendant to read the summary of the complaint so that he could accept his statement.

Once the defendant’s defense was accepted, the judge approved bail to the commissioner on the condition of providing a reliable guarantor.

The guarantor must be a commissioner, a permanent secretary or a public official of not less than 15 degrees.

The case was postponed until September 20, 2021.

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