The Violence against Persons Prohibition Bill passed by the Adamawa State House of Assembly has proposed death by hanging for the offense of rape committed against a minor in the state.

Kate Mamuno, the Chairperson of, House Committee on Women Affairs and Social Development, made this known at an advocacy workshop organized by the Stand to End Rape initiative for the assent and enforcement of the newly passed bill.

Mamuno,  said lawmakers, in their determination to make sure the VAPP Act 2015 is domesticated in the state to the fullest, recommended the death penalty for the rape of minors.

She also said the passed bill took cognizance of the uniqueness of the state, adding that sections of the VAPP Act which recommended a penalty of three years’ imprisonment for spousal battery, was revised to carry three months’ imprisonment.

However, she noted that lawmakers were moved to enact tougher penalties for rape, which had risen to over 400 reported cases, even as she also recounted an incident that had to do with the rape of a six-month-old baby by an aged man.

Mamuno said, “In the case of rape, the VAPP Act says 14 years and below. So, whoever rapes a minor, it is death by hanging because the VAPP bill passed by the House carries a death sentence. For a man to violate a girl of six months, one year, two years, I think that man needs mental rehabilitation because he is no longer a human being.”