• Sat. Mar 25th, 2023


The Rivers State Police Command has arrested one Uchenna Tobias a 38-year-old man identified in the Elekahia community, in the state capital for defiling his three daughters.

Tobias was arrested after a report made by his wife when she found out that her five-year-old daughter had developed swollen private parts and a hospital she took her to for check-up confirmed that she had been defiled.

The mother of four while speaking to our source said that justice should be served in the matter and called on the police to probe and prosecute her husband accordingly.

She said, “In 2012, when my first daughter was two years old in the village, I caught my husband using his finger on her and when I went to his family and reported the incident, my husband and his mother beat me up and forced me to shut up.

“my husbands family accused me trying to spoil their name; even some women in the village came and warned me not to speak of the incident that it was an abomination.

“When my second daughter turned two years old, he did the same thing to her in 2017 and when I caught him again, he beat me up and threatened to throw me down from the storey building we were residing in; it was a neighbour who rescued me.

“In May this year, I went to get some things in the market at my return, my neighbour, who was helping me bathe my five-year-old daughter discovered that my little daughter was injured in her private parts and she asked me to know the cause.

“I immediately checked my daughter and noticed that her private parts were swollen and when I asked who had touched her there, she refused to tell me, it was after I used a cane on her, she screamed that it was her daddy.

The woman said, “I want him to be prosecuted because my life is in danger now that he is aware that I know what he has been doing to my three daughters, and if he is released again like before then, I don’t know what he will do to my children and me.”

Nnamdi Omoni, the state Police Public Relations Officer, when contacted confirmed the incident but added that thorough investigation had begun to know the truth and ensure that justice was served in the matter

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