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Gifts are essentials, not just that, they are very important in every form of relationships.
Everybody wants sparks and sometimes it is the feeling and the memory that it holds and what better
way to create such loving memories than offering them gifts. You must know that giving is a true art, it is
the ability to understand who you are giving and how you are giving them. This alone can be
overwhelming especially when dealing with some of our loved ones that are hard to please, but
regardless it is a perfect gift when it comes with a DEEP SENSE OF AFFECTION.
Now as someone who is in a romantic relationship, you might just be clustered with so many options in
a bid to please him or her,
Hence I have been able to come up with 5 essential gift ideas that will bury you deep in the heart of your
spouse, whether it is a birthday gift, anniversary gift, a Christmas gift or more like a complementary gift
with an expression to say ‘I LOVE YOU’.
It is no news that gifts make people feel special (gift boxes with packaged items.)
In fact, according to surveys and statistics, memorable gifts boxes can strengthen relationships.
This can be because gift boxes show that you know and care about someone enough to find
several items that speak to their personalities, interests, and needs.
You can celebrate the happiest time of the year with your spouse with a soothing premium gift
box packed with exquisite items and complimentary gifts that can make anyone feel so loved.
With different packages and gift-box sizes, the interesting thing is they are customizable.
Everyone’s got their favorite artist that they’re a fan of. Your spouse is not an exception. And
going out on a date doesn’t have to strictly be restaurants and the normal go-to, you know what
I mean, just the usual venues. Spice it up a bit. Get you some tickets to see your faves perform
live. This has a special effect on your relationships, it strengthens your bond together and as you
create awesome memories don’t forget to seize the moments with savory selfies.
One of the most interesting thing that makes the festive season more fun-packed especially in
Nigeria is the advent of musical shows and concerts from A-list artists in this beautiful month of
Below is a list of shows from top artistes that you could go see live:
Dec 22th – Buju
Dec 24th – Davido
Dec 26th – Patoranking
Dec 27th – Burna Boy
Dec 29th – The throne
Dec 30th – Wizkid
Detty December Calendar, Lagos.
Imagine having someone gift you a song with eulogies to your name with danceable tunes and
melodies of your choice. Will you love it?
Yes of course I know I guessed right. That’s the power of a song but this time not generalized but
specially made for you with the inclusion of your spouse’s heart felt message to you.
Songs have powerful effects, brands use them in their marketing campaigns, why can’t you use
them to tell your love story in your relationship.
You don’t have to know how to sing to get this done. Hire a very good artist to help you out, just
give them required details so they have something to work with.
Try this out if you have not done it yet, the effect is everlasting.
There are items that can be gifted to your spouse to create more happy moments and prove
that you are not just a lover in words alone but also in action.
This is already common in Nigeria as people can gift their loved ones customized t-shirts, throw
pillows, mugs and fashionable items but make it more personalized with your love statement
boldly expressed.
And lastly
When was the last time you went on a date with your spouse. Most times the female gender
expects this from their partner but in reality as couple you can enjoy this season with your
family by taking a step further on dates and organize a surprise dinner treat for just your spouse;
no kids – if there are any, just the two of you.
Make it so lovely and romantic, light love candles, get a good spot and create your magic
moment in this jolliest period.
If you haven’t tried any of this yet please don’t hesitate to do one or more of this and make that
special someone special.
Not leaving out this too; you can as well surprise your loved one with luxuries as long as it’s
within your means and budget.
PS: Gifts does not replace the affection, support, commitment and patience that holds the
relationship. But when it comes to tangibility, they speak into the hearts of our loved ones.
I know by now you already have an idea of what to give your spouse, so what are you waiting for, let’s get on with it(smiles).

I’m rooting for you.

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