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Apr 20, 2020

A non Governmental Organization/group, People’s Alternative Fronts, has said that against the 21 lives proclaimed by the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control,  4 people have in fact died from Covid-19  in the country.

The group in a statement by its secretary,  Eze Alloysius, said that apart from the 21 that have been directly killed by Coronavirus, 22 others have lost their lives at the hands of security operatives enforcing movement of restriction to curb the spread of the virus in Nigeria.

The statement reads, “From the report of the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control released on April 19, 2020, Coronavirus has claimed 21 lives in Nigeria.

“At about the same time, security forces have unleashed brutal physical assault on the people for allegedly violating the provisions of the COVID-19 Regulations made by President Muhammadu Buhari and the state governors.

“In the process, security forces resorted to jungle justice by engaging in the cold blooded murder of 22 unarmed citizens. Up until now, the authorities have not deemed it fit to condemn the unlawful killings of the 22 citizens or condole the bereaved family members.

“According to the report published by the National Human Rights Commission last week, the security forces have killed 18 people in six states namely: Kaduna-12, Abia-2, Niger-1, Delta-1, Ebonyi-1 and Katsina-1.

“In addition to the 18 people captured in the report of the National Human Rights Commission, we have confirmed that the security forces were also involved in the brutal killing of 4 other people in 3 states namely: Anambra-2, Delta-1 and Cross River-1.

yesterday a total of 47 people were  killed in an attack on a community in Katsina state.

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