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3 Tips to building healthy lifestyle habits



Mar 18, 2022
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So you want to change your life! You want to upgrade the quality of your life and be in charge of the results that you get. To get these results, you understand you’re gonna need to build habits around these things. But you’re probably wondering why building healthy habits are so difficult.

I can almost bet you’ve lost count of the number of times you made plans to rise by 5 AM every morning or to work out every day, but it’s only a matter of time before you’re back to being a late riser. It’s like a cycle and it’s super frustrating. I get it, I really do! And that is why I’ve made a list of helpful tips in building healthy lifestyle habits.

Building Healthy Lifestyle Habits

  • Plan

This might sound cliché but I’ve not seen anything that beats planning. I like to think of a plan as having a well-graded road or platform, the thing that you walk or ride on during your journey.
The twist here, however, is that setting up a plan around your habits does not entirely mean mapping out every single step of the way. Having decided what habit you want to build, go on to layout your plan to help you incorporate this habit seamlessly into your life.
One thing that is extremely significant in building personal habits is placing cues. These cues would act as small bits of reminders such that the minute you see or hear them, you know what to do.
It is, however, important to keep these cues simple and easy to get along with, else you defeat the purpose of the cue.

  • Start Small

One big mistake that people make when trying to build habits is expecting to be able to take on so much in the blink of an eye. It’s ok, I ain’t judging, I too am guilty of this.
Now let’s say you want to build a habit around working out. The night before, you map out your workout routine, you feel all pumped and energized and ready to smash the workout. The mistake is instead of keeping the workout routine simple with just a few reps and sets, you decide to super-duper stretch yourself on the first day, and make the whole thing complex.
Honestly, it’s just a matter of time before you throw your hands in the air and abandon the plan to build a habit around working out.
When trying to build a healthy habit, starting small cannot be overemphasized. Understand that habits stack. Focus on that tiny thing that you can do today that would take you a step closer to your goal. In the long run, it’s more about setting up a routine that would be overall sustainable.

  • Mindset Shift

Habits do not happen suddenly! There’s a reason it’s called habits. It’s essentially a series of repetitive behaviors that eventually produces a certain result.
Expecting that those healthy habits would form overnight is basically setting yourself up for failure because with a mindset like this, you’ll keep getting disappointed over and over again.
Building a habit is literally building a house! It’s showing up every day, putting one brick on top of the other, hitting the gym even when you don’t feel like it, working on that project even when you’d rather be cuddled up under your blanket. It is inconsistency that habits are built!

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  • Bonus Tip: Track Your Progress

It always helps to keep a record of how far you’re going.
This is the one thing you can be sure to fall back on at times when you just want to throw in the towel, particularly for habits that takes quite a while before you begin to see the results!
You can track your progress using a journal or an app that gives you a collation of activities within the month or other specified period.
You can reward yourself too for how far you’ve gone!

Parting Thoughts

Our lives are built on habits, both good and bad! I like to think of habits as the bricks that form the tower which is your life.
It is, however, important to note that even after placing a cue, even after deciding to start small and shifting your mindset, you’ll find that you have to first be willing to build those habits before you can really start building them, and consequently see results.

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