An 18-year-old boy name withheld has reportedly committed suicide by hanging himself.

NEWSNAIJA REPORTER gathered that the boy who is a student of Osun State University was approached by a cult gang to join their group with death threats if he refuses to be a part of their cult.

It was gathered that after months of pressure he agreed and became a part of them

Newsnaija learned that after the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic that led to the closure of schools he was called by the cult members to visit for their regular meeting which he refused.

The mother of the boy in her statement said” I returned back from work one day and met my son at home, when I asked him why he wasn’t at school he said nothing, I didn’t know he was hiding something from me.

The reason for him committing suicide was made known when his mother saw a note he left behind.

An eyewitness who saw the letter dropped by the deceased read in parts “Mum am sorry, I can’t allow you and my only sister suffer for my own mistake, that’s why I took my own life. I was threatened by the cult boys that if I don’t come to the meeting that they will either kill you and my sister or kill me that’s why I took my life to save you and my sister, we will see when you cross to the other side”.