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Jul 30, 2019

A strange incident played out at a South African primary school in Delft on Thursday July 25, and it was all captured in a video that has gone viral on social media.

Residents of the community alleged that 14 students of Masonwabe Primary School in Delft fainted after a witchcraft attack. It was learnt that metro Police, Disaster Risk Management and paramedics including a social worker were dispatched to the school.

Bronagh in his statement over the incident told residents of the community to remain calm till they have answers.

“The WCED has received reports of learners falling ill at Masonwabe Primary School.

“Reports indicate that 14 learners have been transported to local clinics. It is not yet clear what has transpired, however, some reports have indicated that learners collapsed or fainted. Metro Police, SAPS, Disaster Risk Management, medics and the School Social Worker (were) at the school. A minibus (was) also dispatched to transport more learners to the day hospital. Parents have come to the school to collect their children.

“Some community members are claiming that this is a result of witchcraft. We are appealing to the community to remain calm – right now our priority is to ensure that all learners are safe and that those needing medical attention are seen to. We await more information from medical professionals as to symptoms and reasons for their alleged ill-health” he said.

From the video shared on social media, one of the pupils was spotted turning uncontrollably while another was spotted lying on the floor and being fanned by a group of women.

Here is the video below;

AmThandile Amacirha@chiilloutamara

Did you guys hear about what happened at Masonwabe Primary school in Delft this morning? Yhuuu kinds starting chanting around and collapsing and it’s apparently witchcraft. They called a pastor and ambulances for them. Yho💔

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